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Here's the listing of the various products types that we are producing. For further information, call (520) 573-0221 or send us an E-mail for other Voltages and Types available.


Type Votage Range Housing Usage and Characteristics
OF 2KVDC TO 60KVDC Glass Tubular DC Filter Capacitor. Operates -55ºC to + 85ºC Without Derating. Meets or Exceeds Life Expectancy of MIL-C-25D & MIL-C-19978B. NOT QPL LISTED
LQ 1KVDC TO 12KVDC PHENOLIC TUBULAR DC Filter Capacitor. Economical Version of "OF" Type. Great for Potting Applications.
LJ 30KVCE TO 200KVDC PHENOLIC RECTANGULAR DC Filtering & Limited Discharge Capacitor. Used by The X-ray Industry Around The World.
OT 10KVDC to 120KVDC TUBULAR PHENOLIC DC Filter Capacitor, Similar To "OF" Series. But with Larger Capacitance & Higher Voltage Ratings. Some Mounting & Temperature Limitations.
LK 600VDC to 50KVDC RECTANGULAR STEEL CAN DC Filtering Capacitor, CP70 Type To MIL-C-25D. Available For Discharge Use On Special Order. -55ºC to +85ºC Without Derating. NOT QPL LISTED
LK-ND 3KVDC to 50KVDC RECTANGULAR STEEL CAN Our dependable "LK" units, wired for high current DISCHARGE-ENERGY STORAGE use.
BNZ CUSTOM DESIGN PHENOLIC RECTANGULAR RF & Very High Rep. Rate Discharge Capacitors Designed For Your Circuit.
AB 200VDC to 600VDC STEEL "BATHTUB" DC Filter & Limited Discharge Capacitor, Metallized Mylar (Dupont Polyester Film) To Suitably Replace The Requirements of MIL-C-18312. NOT QPL LISTED
HC-HG 2500VDC to 25KVDC RECTANGULAR CAN & GLASS TUBE DC & AC Rated Capacitors. Also Available, On Special Order, In Brass Cans. "HG" Type Use Monel Caps. Excellent For Pulse Use & Induction Heating Tank Circuits.
BVX 350 VOLTS PK 1000 VOLTS PK OVAL CAN Designed Specifically For SCR/Snubber Circuits.
PFN CUSTOM DESIGN RECTANGULAR CAN Pulse-Forming Networks, For Radar Applications. Values Listed Are Intended As An Engineering Guide To Size, For The Parameters Listed On The Data Sheet.
HV-M 1000VDC to 75KVDC RECTANGULAR CAN Power Supplies, Unregulated Line Voltage Input To HV DC Output.
F CUSTOM DESIGN CUSTOM DESIGN Filter-Inductor Network & Encapsulated Power Packs To Your Specifications.
T TO 100KV CUSTOM DESIGN High Voltage Specialty Transformers.