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Type BNZ High Frequency Voltages - Specialty Capacitors

The data contained herein shows only a PARTIAL LISTING of items available for this product line and it gives only a CONDENSED VERSION of the applicable specifications and characteristics. Request our complete catalog for full information!

Type BNZ capacitors are made to order only, for your circuit and physical specifications. The housings are phenolic, with square or rectangular cross-sections. They may be connected in series or parallel to withstand extremely high voltages or produce very large capacitance values. Type BNZ capacitors are designed for high frequency voltages, in the radio frequency range or below.
        1. Voltage range of up to 100 KV, RMS
        2. Temperature range of up to 105°C.
Type BNZ capacitors can be supplied with or without an integral footed mounting plate. 
Mounting Position: Type BNZ is completely filled, voidfree, with mineral oil or silicone fluid impregnant, so that they may be mounted and function in any position.
Terminations: Screw terminations can be placed in virtually any location on the surface of the capacitors, observing minimum spacing necessary to avoid terminal to terminal arcover.

How to Order. Information required if applicable

  1. Specify peak voltage and working voltage.
  2. Specify capacitance and tolerance.
  3. Indicate any physical limiting dimensions.
  4. Almost every application requires some voltage variation or ripple on the capacitor. Indicate the ripple in peak-to-peak of RMS figures. The frequency of the ripple is also very important.
  5. If the capacitor is to be used for discharge or pulse coupling service it is desirable to know the following:
    a. peak current of discharge
    b. time duration of discharge
    c. voltage to which the capacitor discharges
    d. amount of discharges per second or per minute
    e. if a fault condition exists such that the capacitor might be shorted through a very low impedance, (currents of over 50,000 amperes peak are common)
  6. If the capacitor is to be used for AC applications indicate:
    a. frequency
    b. current or voltage applied
  7. Duty cycle for AC and discharge applications is important.
  8. Environment conditions such as operating and storage temperature, vibration and shock, humidity, etc... should be specified when ordering.
  9. Specify how the capacitor is to be mounted - vertical or which plane of the horizontal.
  10. Specify if unit is to be operated under gas or air - (indicate pressure) or under oil.
  11. Environmental conditions.
  12. Life expectancy required.
  13. Temperature. Operating and non-operating.

Some examples of BNZ capacitors already supplied are:

Part Number Voltage
BNZ260-283B 2600 V, RMS @ 27-60KHZ, 50a RMS
.028mfd ±5%
Size: 6¾ x 4¾ x 5½  inches high
BNZ900-203A 9 KV, RMS @ 50Hz
.02mfd ±10%
Size: 4¾ x 1¾ x 8¾  inches high
BNZ2700-123A 27 KV, RMS @ 400Hz
.0125mfd -0, +20%
Size: 3¾ x 2¾ x 15  inches high
BNZ5000-243A 50 KV, RMS @ 200Hz
.024mfd ±5%
Size: 6¾ x 3¾ x 17½ inches high

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